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Essential 3 Step Lip Care from Luscious Lips UK

Lip care is an extremely important part of health and beauty routines.  Get your lips looking smooth and hydrated with these simple steps!

Step 1: If you have any makeup on, take it off with a gentle makeup removal wipe.  This will help get all of the product off without the tough scrubbing and irritation of a scratchy towel.

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Step 2: EXFOLIATE.  Exfoliation is key in getting soft, smooth, and supple lips.  There are lip exfoliation products out there, such as EcoLips Organic Lip Scrub, that take natural ingredients, like sugar, and use it to scrub off all of the dead skin cells on your lips.  To exfoliate, take a small amount of the lip scrub in your finger and massage it onto your lips in circular motions, do that until you’ve exfoliated both the top and bottom lips.  Here’s the fun part, you can either wipe the sugar off of your lips, or you can LICK it off because the sugar is all natural and edible!  You should only exfoliate about once a week to avoid dryness and brittleness. 

Step 3: Apply a natural moisturizing balm.  A common effect of lip scrub is dry lips, and nobody wants that, so lather it on and let your lips absorb the balm for five minutes before applying our lip treatment to get the most effective hydration. 

For the best moisturizing and lip boosting effect look no further than Luscious Lips anti-ageing and treatment glosses supported by the inclusion of moisturising oils, vitamins and organic plant extracts, which enhance barrier protection and helps to improve the appearance of lips over time, redefining lip-contours and shielding lips from damaging free-radicals.

■       Aloe Vera Extract, Algae Extract, Stevia Extract and Grape Seed Extract offer antioxidant and soothing properties.

■       Castor oil, Jojoba oil, Apricot Kernel oil, Grape Seed oil and Avocado oil moisturise, soften, smooth, condition and rejuvenate lips.

Form an orderly queue to get your revolutionary hyaluronic acid (HA) and vitamin packed no-needle, natural filler in a lip-gloss launches for your own radical results for plumper, more youthful-looking lips.

Luscious Lips Treatment Benefits

*           Cosmetic enhancer and lip gloss in one

*           Non-invasive with no ‘down time’.

*           Apply as part of a regular beauty routine

*           Packed with patented peptides and age-defying vitamins and minerals

*           Immediate, lasting results

“A lip boosting treatment that actually works!” Alice Hart-Davis, beauty journalist 

It will leave your lips feeling smooth, relieve any itchiness or burning, and provide your lips with essential vitamins. 

Your lips will thank you! Voila! Your recipe to beautiful, healthy lips!


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