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Handacials are the new thing from LA Matrix

Hot from Hollywood is the LA Handacial or LA Hand Lift created by our leading anti-ageing LA Beautiful specialist, Rachel Dixon who offers bespoke non-surgical age management and advanced skincare treatments from her clinics in Stratford upon Avon and Solihull. With her little black book of beautiful client’s, Rachel is well aware of the most in demand anti-ageing crazes from the US.

Demi Moore and Kris Jenner are said to be fans of the new ‘Hollywood hand job’, a treatment that’s increasingly popular with women who want to avoid the dreaded dehydrated ‘Madonna hands’. This is a term used in LA to describe women whose hands give away their real age – the singer’s wrinkled hands are famously at odds with her age-defying porcelain skin.

When it comes to anti-ageing skincare, your minds may automatically cast to preventing wrinkles around the eyes or sagging skin around the neck and décolleté, all of which we regularly treat with our LA Beautiful Matrix RF. But how often do you think it’s time to start taking care of your hands?

Along with the eyes and neck, your hands are one of the first areas to start displaying signs of ageing. As well as developing age spots and wrinkles, we lose collagen naturally over time, which means that skin on our hands can begin to look thin and sallow. Yet, many of us don’t do much more than apply a dollop of hand cream – and when you think about what our mitts go through in day-to-day life, that just isn’t good enough. So how can we reverse the signs that make our hands look older?

Dixon has devised her own new LA Handacial treatment, that includes Radio Frequency and targeted Fractional RF to nourish and plump out hands. This LA Matrix treatment, designed specifically for this area, nourished the skin, boost natural formulation of collagen and also addresses the volume loss and increased visibility of the tendons and veins that contribute most to visible ageing of the hands.

Fractional RF can be used on the hands, neck and face to aid skin resurfacing for wrinkles and loose skin, restoring your hands to their original youthful state and all of this in just one 30 minute treatment.

‘Hands get a tough time and are often exposed to harsh cleaning agents and use in People often forget to apply sunscreen to the backs of hands, even though they’re constantly exposed to the sun. Women often tell me their hands look at least 10 years older than their face, so I developed an LA Marix treatment designed specifically for this delicate area. It plumps up lost volume and decreases visibility of tendons and veins.’ Said Dixon, who has now introduced this new rejuvenation technique using this collagen boosting RF.

For more information, for nationwide clinics or for your appointment with Rachel and to sample this and more of the LA Beautiful anti-ageing treatments at Harmony Health and Beauty Clinic in Stratford upon Avon or O-Spa, Solihull. all 0333 577 5570 today or email #labeautiful #lamatrix #rf #handaicial #lahandacial

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