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You can turn the clocks back 10 years in just 1 hour with only one £350 treatment!

With so many people spending hundreds of pounds on facial skin creams that just do not work or thousands of pounds on fillers and threads that only last a year or so we would urge you to try the LA Facial. You can turn the clocks back 10 years in just 1 hour with only one £350 treatment!

In just one hour with our gentle, completely non-invasive treatment we can tighten those wrinkles and lift loose skin, restoring the natural beauty of your face. You will be amazed by the results when you look in the mirror and see a younger self staring back at you; the effect is instant and results continue to improve even after you’ve left the clinic.

These results can last up to 6-9 months and longer when a course of treatments have been undertaken lasting 2 years and more. Look at some of the results we have at Harmony Beauty for our very happy and youthful looking clientele.

The LA Facial achieves fabulous results delivered by using the latest in dual modality Fractional and Thermal radio-frequency technology, operated only by trained clinicians. The two part treatment works firstly by using the Fractional RF, this delivers heat energy deep into the subcutaneous layers to regenerate and stimulate collagen whilst simultaneously it gently resurfaces the top layer of skin, which will be replaced with new, fresh and supple skin.

This is immediately followed by the Thermal RF treatment which heats and tightens the tissue beneath the surface causing new collagen to grow and naturally restoring a more youthful you. Radio-frequency treatment passes directly through your skin and gets to work exactly where it’s needed. Watch the lines fade and the shine return to your complexion.

Aftercare – During the following week you will experience a few days of rough skin, this can be combated with our LA Beautiful moisture repair cream. Typically the rough skin will no longer be visible 1 week after the treatment. We recommend our LA Beautiful range of creams and SPF to help protect the skin (will need to add our recommended products).

Book your treatment with Harmony Beauty in Stratford upon Avon or ask today about becoming a stockist or taking advantage of our 'We treat at yours' packages. Email today!

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