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Is Looking Healthy Better Than Looking Younger

Skincare consumers are placing more importance on looking healthy rather than young or attractive, according to new data from ingredients specialist Lycored.

Of the 480 people from the UK and France surveyed, 79% said they use products to give their skin a healthy glow, 62% to feel good about themselves, 18% to look more attractive and 14% to appear younger-looking, the report found.

When asked which factor they considered most important to the health of their skin, healthy diet was top (43%), followed by avoiding too much sun exposure (22%), living a stress-free life (18%) and exercise (15%).

Respondents were also asked about what influenced them when purchasing a skincare product, with affordability ranking highest (64%) and if it was made from natural ingredients (56%) coming second.

In the UK, if a brand is trustworthy (63%) and if its products are supported by clinical research (44%) or made with vegetarian ingredients (14%), these are the other major factors that influence a customer buying a skincare product.

When it comes to average spend on skincare products per month, the 18–35 age category came out top with £23.50, followed by 36–49 at £18.90, 50–69 at £15.50 and 70+ at £11.70, the research revealed. It also seems that men would like to spend less time applying skincare products (37%) than women (28%).

43% of consumers in the millennial age group 18–35 said they had used an oral product to benefit their skin at some point, compared to 39% of 36–49 year olds, 23% of 50–69 year olds and 14% of those aged over 70, the report found.

Of those surveyed, 66% said the idea of taking a supplement for skin health was normal, while 14% said it was not normal and 20% unsure.

“The global skincare market is in the midst of a revolution. There has been a major shift from appearance to health, and from outside to inside. Consumers understand that beauty comes from within and that healthy skin is about what you put in your body.”

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