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Groundbreaking new technology from LA Erase is game-changer in tattoo removal

New treatment from the team at LA Beautiful - LA Erase Tattoo Removal

  • Safe and effective with clear results

  • Scar Free and non-invasive

  • Affordable and accessible in-salon treatments

  • Static and portable devices available

A cutting-edge new ”Glass Technique” procedure in tattoo removal from LA Erase is enabling trusted providers to offer cost-effective, non-invasive and scar-free tattoo removal in a salon environment, giving consumers better results and a wider choice of qualified practitioner.

The LA Erase tattoo removal system harnesses the body’s own natural defence mechanisms to safely remove pigment in the tattoo, using laser technology to break up the collagen molecules that encapsulate ink within the skin, and then shatter the pigment into smaller particles. Following the treatment, the body will take over to gradually remove these small particles. A 4-6 week period between treatments is recommended to allow for this natural process to take place.

Each session will typically last between 10 and 30 minutes, depending on the size of tattoo. The laser pulse is similar to the feeling of an elastic band snapping against the skin - not dissimilar to the sensation of being tattooed, in fact. With the use of the ‘Glass Technique’ our patients are less likely to elect to have a topical local anesthetic applied to the skin prior to the procedure, allowing for a more comfortable experience. The professionally trained LA Erase practitioner traces the laser arm over the tattoo to begin the fading process. The laser does not burn or cut the skin in any way.

LA Erase Managing Director Kizzy Galvin tells us “Tattoo regrets are on the increase and the demand for removal is growing 40% year on year but current methods of removal are often painful, scarring and in a lot of cases unsuccessful. I am delighted to bring what is quite possible the newest, most innovative and successful device for fast, reduced pain tattoo removal to the UK with LA Erase. Our groundbreaking ‘Glass Technique’ has been pioneered by our Laser Specialist, Mike Murphy, a global expert in laser technology.”

Research* suggests that up to 39% of adults regret their ink, with an increase in revenue from removal of 440% over the last decade, meaning that tattoo removals are increasingly in demand, creating a growing and competitive market, and driving new technology to produce better outcomes. With unparalleled results, consumers can have confidence in this safe, affordable and cutting-edge treatment from LA Erase, available now at salons and clinics across the UK. Find out more at

Available in Stratford upon Avon at our showroom Harmony Health & Beauty

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